Insurance and technology experts. We "pull it all together" for our clients. We negotiate insurance contracts direct with insurance underwriters and build Internet systems to deliver that insurance to the customer. It's official and it's world-wide .. behind the scenes we pull together all of the people, products, and Internet technology to bring insurance to individuals and businesses and combine convenience, value and very high quality and we are very serious about it.

You get very high quality insurance from world leading insurers that are competitively priced. All delivered by our 24/7 Internet service. So you buy when it suits you. Fully automatic service and access to your own data at any time, but still with people to talk to if need be. Quotations immediately available, no waiting to have them emailed to you. Coverage is immediately available when card payment is confirmed, complete with all of the documents to print.

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Working with BigLife Group in US and Canada
We put together the insurance and the technology for the BigLife Group to offer this insurance to its members. The Big Life group asked us to provide a product and a platform so they could offer a superb professional liability program to their members in US. The insurance is available to all BigLife members, membership is free, BigLife also wanted to work with Wells Fargo to handle the telephone enquiries. So it’s a very simple program, terrific insurance at a terrific price with wonderful people at Wells Fargo at the end of the phone to help if required.

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